Tel Aviv

One week after arriving in Tel Aviv and I can’t imagine spending my   summer anywhere else. I’ve just come from a free walking tour of the historic city of Old Jaffa, and I’m more obsessed than ever. The combination of history and modernity, the beach, the food, the nightlife…a complete contrast to Paris. If Paris were a metal spring, Tel Aviv would be a loose piece of string.


But what am I doing here in Tel Aviv anyway? I’m working at a travel hostel in Jaffa, the southern and oldest party of the city, in exchange for a bed. I found this job through workaway, which I had also used to find the work exchange I did in Siciliy this past April. So here I am, in the land that somehow feels like home despite the fact that I don’t have citizenship nor do I speak the language. I’m meeting incredible people every day and loving the family atmosphere. Apart from the few hours I work every day, I am free to explore the city, lay at the beach, and ultimately just chill out.


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