So What’s Next?

Recently, many people have been asking me what my plans are after Paris and if I’m ever actually coming home. I am returning to New York, but not for another 2 and a half months.

With only one week left in Paris, I’m having trouble believing that the seven months I spent here are coming to an end. Last week I took the DELF B2 exam, which will prove my level in French is high enough to enter a French university, I’m beginning to pack my luggage, and I’ve already said goodbye to some teachers who will be on vacation next week, my last week at EF. Each day I make time to visit one more place on my checklist and revisit all of my favorite places. I’ve been walking as much as possible, as if in doing so I might absorb some of Paris’ magic before I’m thousands of miles away.

Yet, as sad as I feel to leave this incredible city, I’m trying my best to think of the future. Next Saturday I begin my two week trip to Berlin, Vienna, and Budapest. (*If you have recommendations for any of these cities, please let me know!)  Then I’m off to Tel Aviv for the summer where I’ll be working at a travel hostel that I found through Workaway, the same website I used to find my host in Sicily two months ago. In August my family is renting a house in Tuscany for a week before I finally return to New York August 15 and face reality…aka college. These exciting plans make leaving Paris bittersweet and definitely help soften the ache of saying goodbye to her.

But don’t worry, my loyal 8 readers (actually now I think there may be 9 of you!). I’m continuing the blog for my musings while traveling in Europe and living in Tel Aviv, and I’ll be posting a complete Paris guide as well as some more Paris posts that have been collecting dust in my head. And for more frequent updates, don’t forget to check out my Instagram account.

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  1. Lena
    May 31, 2015 at 4:02 pm

    Maybe 10 ;D

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