Is a blog post about my blog meta?

I decided to start this blog mainly because my family and friends were/are interested in how I’m actually spending my gap year, and this seems like an efficient way to keep everyone updated while also serving as a personal record of my experience in Paris.


Not only that, but I hate talking on the phone and don’t have the best communication skills (or so my parents tell me), so I would cringe to repeat everything over and over again. Also, as any writer would understand, words don’t come as easily from the mouth as they do from the hands. How could I ever even begin to describe my love for Paris or my experiences here over the phone or in a text message? Writing is the only means I know of expressing how the leaves on the trees lining the Seine glowed gold in the setting sun as I rode the bateau mouche yesterday or the way I felt that everything in my life had brought me to the moment when, jetlagged and disoriented, I saw the Eiffel Tower emerge in the window of my train Sunday morning, sending a spark through my heart as I was carried along to my host family for the first time.


I still feel a bit egotistical for starting a blog all about me, so let me just put it out there that a handful of people did in fact ask me to make this blog.


I realize I haven’t actually explained what I’m doing in Paris, why I chose this city, or how my program works, but I’ll get to all that tomorrow because my host mom just called us for dinner.


P.S. I had to send a package and a letter, so I took a little trip to the post office in the neighborhood where I’m living (Saint-Gratien). I am proud to say that I practiced my French, and although it was pretty difficult, I managed to speak mostly in French with the person helping me. I spent almost 40 minutes there and was the last to leave after the workers had already closed the store, but I don’t care because I had a real-life conversation en français! (But I probably shouldn’t get carried away…earlier today while a saleswoman in Galeries Lafayette was explaining something about a Ted Baker dress to me, I just smiled and nodded because I didn’t have the slightest clue what she was saying.)



vocabulaire quotidien: supprimé – canceled; on my way home from classes, after I transferred metro lines and I was waiting for the train to arrive at the station, I read the word “supprimé” next to the name of my train on the timetable screen. The next train wasn’t for 20 minutes. “Hmm, delayed peut-être?” No, the train wasn’t delayed; it was canceled. But ce n’était pas grave, while I waited for the train I studied my new vocabulary from my first day of classes today.

  2 comments for “Is a blog post about my blog meta?

  1. ellen
    October 30, 2014 at 1:40 am


    Congrats! I think what you are doing is fantastic and I hope you enjoy every mount of this fabulous experience. Your mom passed the blog info along to me (I hope that is ok) and I certainly will like reading about your time in France. Take care and safe travels.

    Cousin Ellen

  2. Lori
    November 6, 2014 at 3:58 am

    We are all very happy you are writing and we get to know what’s going on. Waiting for you to call doesn’t work at all so keep writing and we know you’re safe,having fun and learning.

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