Jumping Off Doesn’t Mean Jumping Over

Hi again! Did you think I forgot about you, my loyal 7 readers? (That’s a joke, I know there’s at least 8 of you.) Well I didn’t, but between living without wifi for two months, going to school every day, and working two jobs, I found keeping up with this blog pretty difficult. Maybe my busyness was a good sign; I had finally achieved my original goal in moving to Paris: to become more than just a tourist. But did that mean that I had to give upon my other, more important goal in taking this gap year? (To jump off the conveyor belt of life.) Had I just jumped over to another conveyor belt instead?

Taking a step back, I’m realizing that I was getting lost in a routine (even if that routine was Paris), the exact thing I wanted most to avoid. As I type, I am sitting in a Bed & Breakfast in the picturesque hills of Caltagirone, Sicily. With this work exchange¬† coming to an end in Italy, plus the two trips I have planned (Norway and Israel) for the upcoming months, I know that I’ll¬† get lost in it all if I don’t write it down. Anwyay, I have a responsibility to keep all 7 – sorry 8 – of you updated!

  2 comments for “Jumping Off Doesn’t Mean Jumping Over

  1. Lori
    April 9, 2015 at 12:17 am

    So glad you are still around. Missed you and missing you! Enjoy and keep us posted. Love those Instagram photos!

  2. Aunt Ruthy
    April 9, 2015 at 12:38 am

    8? At least 9 if you didn’t count me!
    Always love reading your blog xxx

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