Monthly Archives: May 2015

So What’s Next?

Recently, many people have been asking me what my plans are after Paris and if I’m ever actually coming home. I am returning to New York, but not for another 2 and a half months. With only one week left in Paris, I’m having trouble believing that the seven months I spent here are coming to an end. Last week I… Read more →

Where’d you get your bunad from?

One of the best parts about studying French at an international language school is making friends from all around the world. Not only does this give me an excuse to travel – as if anyone ever really needs an excuse to travel – but it also gives me a taste of many different ways of thinking. It’s from meeting people… Read more →

How do I get myself into these situations?

So let me give you a mental image: it’s just after midnight and I’m walking through the Marais with my Swedish friend. If you don’t know Paris, the best way to describe the Marais is a young, Jewish, gay neighbourhood, home to the Centre Pompidou modern art museum. We’ve just left a bar, but the night is still young and so… Read more →

How To Spend a Rainy Paris Sunday

On Sundays in Paris so much is closed that my go-to activity is walking. That works great when the weather is as beautiful as it has been this April, but this past week has been non-stop rain. So instead of my usual Sunday promenade, I went to a Hammam, a traditional Turkish bathhouse. The Great Mosque of Paris includes not only… Read more →