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Chameleon Bagels: They may look like bagels but don’t be fooled!

As proud as the French are of their culture, it is impossible to deny the growing influence that American culture has had in this country. I’m constantly seeing American fads wherever I go in Paris from the music and movies to sneakers to fast food to weekend brunches. Strangely, Parisians have also found an interest in bagels. Coming from New York, the home… Read more →

What’s your great escape?

~Great Escape by Mike Dignam


“I’m gonna pack my things and go, travel the world before I’m old. I’ll send you photos in the post, to capture the moments I love the most.”


I hope this song inspires you to travel the world as much as it did for me. Or at least to follow your dreams. It’s never too late to stop and ask yourself if you’re satisfied with your life. And if you’re not…don’t be afraid to jump!

Fondation Louis Vuitton

When you think Louis Vuitton, what do you think? Classic. Grandeur. Timeless. Above and beyond. Well as much as these adjectives define a Louis Vuitton purse they also encapsulate the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a center that serves to promote and support culture and whose modern building is just as much a piece of art as are the works inside. The… Read more →

My Life As a Groupie

Live music will always beat out recorded music, just as the book will always beat out the movie. There’s a give-and-take between the musicians and the crowd that can’t exist when you plug in your headphones. Unfortunately, up until this week I hadn’t been to any concerts in Paris. Going six months with YouTube quality songs is not healthy. That’s why I was very excited… Read more →

Paris in Slow Motion

As much as I love strolling through Paris’ Haussmanian streets and elegant gardens, seeing Paris from above will always take my breath away. For the first time in the six months that I’ve lived in Paris, this afternoon I climbed the 380-step tight, winding staircase and emerged on the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral. Of all the rooftops and terraces overlooking Paris (Arc… Read more →

Breaking the Language Barrier: Part II

So you’ve just banged into that glass door. (You know the one. So clean that a bird would fly into it.) You can see everything happening on the other side, yet when you try to walk through, the glass blocks your way. You see people laughing and talking on the other side, but you can’t hear what they’re saying. Some… Read more →

Breaking the Language Barrier: Part I

The Language Barrier. It’s like a super clean glass door: you can’t see it with your eyes, but when you walk into it, it hurts. Badly. I’ve banged my head against the language barrier enough times to also know how to knock it down…with my handy toolbox. Like any good handyman would know, to get past a closed door, it’s best… Read more →

imageI came home to Paris and she greeted me with flowers…Spring has officially arrived!


Cose dei Pazzi

Cose dei pazzi: literally translated from Italian as “thing of crazy” – to describe a situation in which you’d never have imagined yourself. Like sharing a dinner with a French couple at a Bed & Breakfast in Caltagirone and feeling at ease speaking in a language that no longer seems so foreign. Like picking my way through woodsy underbrush in… Read more →

Jumping Off Doesn’t Mean Jumping Over

Hi again! Did you think I forgot about you, my loyal 7 readers? (That’s a joke, I know there’s at least 8 of you.) Well I didn’t, but between living without wifi for two months, going to school every day, and working two jobs, I found keeping up with this blog pretty difficult. Maybe my busyness was a good sign;… Read more →