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une américaine à Paris

vocabulaire quotidien: sur place – when buying food or drinks at “faster” food restaurants in Paris, one has two options: sur place and emporter – to eat in the restaurant or to take away. One of the drastic differences between NY and Paris is that despite the ever-present rushed pace of daily life, Parisians always find the time to pause… Read more →

A Villebout Christmas

Drive just two hours outside of the bustling, crazy City of Lights and you’ll find yourself in the middle of open farmland dotted with villages so small that you could miss them in the blink of an eye. Nestled into this picturesque countryside is Villebout, a cluster of houses that could hardly be called a village with a population of… Read more →

Updates and Such (Or: Everyday Musings on Pursuing a Career in French Théâtre and Contemplating the Capriciousness of Fate)

Good morning/afternoon/evening, depending on what time zone you are in while reading this – my blog has now been read on every continent (except Antarctica), so thank you for following my journey! I’m not exactly sure how this post got so long, although it probably has to do with the fact that I’m getting less and less conscientious of blogging… Read more →

Where Not To Buy Stamps in Paris

vocabulaire quotidien: mentir – to lie; for example: l’homme qui m’a vendu les timbres a menti! Picture this: a sweet, innocent American girl in Paris decides to send some postcards to her friends and family back home to show them she is thinking of them in this enchanting city, only to find that a nasty, cheep Frenchman has schemed her into overpaying… Read more →

‘Tis the Season

Charming wooden booths serving hot wine, fresh crepes, and mouthwatering raclette; colorful strings of lights hung across streets and on lampposts; illuminated Ferris wheels and decorative carousels amongst swarms of people; short days, long nights, and crisp wind that bites the cheeks…winter has arrived, and with it: the Christmas season, or more specifically, the Christmas markets (read: les Marchés de… Read more →

Something funny happened to me yesterday…

I had just come from meeting one of my greatest (or so I had thought) inspirations. I shouldn’t disclose too much information about who he is since I don’t want to slander him, but he was having a book signing yesterday and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw an advertisement for it just that morning. I had really… Read more →