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Les Catacombes



The Paris of romanticism, art, and baguettes is an entirely different world from the one that lays beneath its surface.

These Catacombs, known as the “The World’s Largest Grave,” house the remains of about six million people. It consists of long, dark, narrow tunnels that lead to rooms of bones on bones on bones. In 1785, after unsafe health conditions and overflowing cemeteries in Paris, the government exhumed these bones and deposited them well beneath the ground – which is exactly what you see in the photo above. My host mom says one absolutely must visit the catacombs when he comes to Paris, and it’s true that it’s important to learn the entirety of a city’s history to fully understand what it is today.

Market Hunting

I had really wanted to go to the Bastille marché this past Sunday, but I was too exhausted, and instead I slept in. So, since my classes started at 1:40 today, I decided I would go on a hunt for a market this morning. I started with a google search, which naturally gave me lists on lists on lists of… Read more →

On Top of the World

This afternoon I planned to meet Carolina and another friend Jerry (who is Argentinian, Thai, and Swiss all at once!) at the Opéra Garnier. Waiting for them to arrive, I found a spot on the steps of the grand and beautiful Opéra, under the brilliant afternoon sun, to watch a street performer and to watch people watching the street performer.… Read more →

Heaven and Halloween

I’m writing this right now as I’m squished between two preteen boys on the metro who are pressing the green button that opens the subway car door to see if it will open as the car is in motion. I haven’t had a moment to update the blog since Wednesday because I haven’t even been home except to sleep and… Read more →