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Thanksgiving in Paris

Normally, I don’t get homesick. I never really have, even when I spent almost every summer growing up away from home. I’m naturally independent and I’m used to doing my own thing. Being alone has never scared me the way it scares other people; if you can’t be happy with only yourself as company, I don’t believe you’ll every truly… Read more →

Catching a Glimpse into Little Worlds

Of all the billions of people who have ever lived, of all the billions of beings that have roamed the earth, of all billions of towering trees, the homes and mountain peaks and tiny streets and dusty books, each one has his own story, stories of successes and disappointments, love affairs and heartbreaks, joy and violence, ignorance and enlightenment. Most… Read more →

Pure Beauty

I consider myself fairly well traveled for someone my age, having been to over 10 countries and about 30 states, but never in my life have I seen such a beautiful sight as I did this morning in the mountains of the French Alps.   Wrapping itself around the Lake of Geneva and bending with the curve of the Rhone… Read more →

Taste a City to Know a City

Disclaimer: there is more to see in Lyon besides food.   vocabulaire quotidien: lèche-vitrine – literally “window licking”, this is the act of gazing at the delicious food displayed in shops, but not necessarily buying anything; Lyon is the perfect city for lèche-vitrine since it is known as one of the gastronomical centers of the world. This is a result… Read more →

French Hipsters in a City of Gardens

After three weeks on my own here in Paris, I’m enjoying the comfort of having my family visiting me. Alison arrived Thursday afternoon, my parents came this morning, and I’ve already done and seen so much more of Paris in the past three days than in the past three weeks. That is probably a combination of the fact that I… Read more →

The best place to host a history nerd convention

Yesterday, November 11, is celebrated as Veterans Day in the U.S. to honor all the men and women who fight for our country. Here in France, however, it is known as Armistice Day, marking the end of World War I almost 100 years ago. Because it is a national holiday, we had the day off from classes, and I spent… Read more →

Goodbyes and Hellos

At my school students arrive every Monday and leave every Friday, and as a result, there are constantly people coming and going. The longer you stay, the more friends you make, but also the more friends you say goodbye to. Yesterday Carolina and I brought Jerry to the train station because he was going back home to Zurich. Even though… Read more →

Because New Yorkers don’t know how to fail

vocabulaire quotidien: échouer – to fail; of course this would be a word I never learned, because New York is surrounded by a bubble where failure is not an option. In class today, we discussed applying for jobs, interviews, CVs, etc. We created two lists of adjectives: one of the positive character traits of a job applicant, and one of… Read more →

When did I tattoo my forehead with the label journalist?

In class the other day, we were listening to a clip of a women complaining about her neighbours (and everything else in her life) to her hairdresser. After, my teacher David said something along the lines of: old women complain a lot (which is a generalization but not entirely false). Well, what I thought he was saying very condescendingly that… Read more →