My 1-year Anniversary – Joyeux Anniversaire

October 26, 2014: One year ago today, my plane touched ground at Charles de Gaulle Airport, marking the start of my 10 months abroad. 7 ½ months in Paris, 2 ½ months traveling.




Life doesn’t have to be a conveyor belt, you don’t have to be a product on an assembly line, so don’t be afraid to jump.

A Little Corner of the World

If you’ve been following my travels over the past year, then you’ll know that I participated in Workaway, a work exchange organization, in Italy this past April. There, I spent 10 days working for an adorable little Italian woman named Francesca at her Sicilian Bed & Breakfast in the rolling hills of Caltagirone. Now, sitting in the Ben Gurion Airport, I’m… Read more →

Paris as told by The Girl Who Jumped

Dear Reader, This guide is to help you navigate your way through Paris. But if you only read as far as these words, let me tell you one thing: there is nowhere in the world like Paris. Take in every sight, every smell, every taste, every sound, and every feeling. And appreciate every moment as I’m somewhere else envying you, because anywhere I… Read more →

Tel Aviv

One week after arriving in Tel Aviv and I can’t imagine spending my   summer anywhere else. I’ve just come from a free walking tour of the historic city of Old Jaffa, and I’m more obsessed than ever. The combination of history and modernity, the beach, the food, the nightlife…a complete contrast to Paris. If Paris were a metal spring, Tel… Read more →

How a childhood story character became my friend

I’ve always been the friend who puts in more of an effort, sometimes to a fault, holding on to a friendship long past its expiration date. I write birthday cards and send care packages to friends who can hardly keep plans to have lunch together. I’ve never been able to easily give up on a friend, even when he or… Read more →

Bests of Berlin

Full disclosure, I spent 4 days in Berlin and so maybe I don’t have the right to decide which are the true bests of Berlin, but I’m going to give you a taste of what I saw and did, and which places I thought were most worth the visit.   Best Tourist Tour Free Alternative Walking Tour: better than a common tour… Read more →

So What’s Next?

Recently, many people have been asking me what my plans are after Paris and if I’m ever actually coming home. I am returning to New York, but not for another 2 and a half months. With only one week left in Paris, I’m having trouble believing that the seven months I spent here are coming to an end. Last week I… Read more →

Where’d you get your bunad from?

One of the best parts about studying French at an international language school is making friends from all around the world. Not only does this give me an excuse to travel – as if anyone ever really needs an excuse to travel – but it also gives me a taste of many different ways of thinking. It’s from meeting people… Read more →